Chicken Town run projects and programmes of activity around food and healthy eating.
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Our aim is to positively effect the health and wellbeing of children and young people in Tottenham by increasing access to healthier food options and the joys that good food can bring.  As part of our offer we aim to support schoolchildren, their families and the wider local community.

ADHD Cookery School X Chicken Town

In 2017 we started working with Goma Collective, the artist Loyle Carner and their ADHD Cookery School. Loyle Carner is a 21 year old rapper from South London who’s grown up with ADHD, and who feels this has been as much a blessing as it has a hindrance in his early life. In the most part this is down to him being able to channel his high level of energy and creativity through a number of outlets: the most obvious being his music, and the most important being his cooking. He began the ADHD cookery school as a way of sharing the unparalleled peace he finds when cooking with young people with ADHD. Our first cooking session with the ADHD cookery school saw us introducing the school to our professional kitchen and learning how to make a healthier, handmade chicken burger and experimenting with flavours. Quick pickled pineapple, avocado mayo and an iceberg lettuce eating competition were stars of the show.

Collaboration with London Grown

At the beginning of 2017 we began collaborating with London Grown, an organic growers co-op based in Haringey, to build a dedicated schools’ garden at their site in N18. We’re really excited to be doing our second project with Earlsmead Primary School there which will begin in April – this time joined by Ferry Lane Primary School. Year 5s and 6s from both schools will be planting vegetables and herbs, learning about their different cultural uses, trying new flavours, and taking care of plants throughout their life cycle. This will culminate in a big harvest festival at Chicken Town in the summer where parents and kids will be invited to eat what the students have grown.  

Earlsmead Gardening Project

We have been working in partnership with Earlsmead Primary School since 2016. Last summer we ran a project with their Eco Team and the year 5 and 6 pupils to create growing beds at the school.

We renovated two areas of raised beds so that the children could grow a range of herbs and vegetables to improve their diet help them to develop better food choices. We specifically focused on foods that are cooked at Chicken Town in order to illustrate the ‘life cycle’ of the food product. We also created a quiet, wild garden area through which we taught the children about the need for biodiversity in the environment while at the same time increasing the usable area of their playground.

Cookery classes at Chicken Town

Last year we ran a series of cookery classes for children at Chicken Town. Using vegetables that had been grown at Earlsmead Primary School, students learnt how to cook a home-cooked version of our signature Junior Special with insider secrets given by our chefs. We have more sessions like this planned for later in the year.