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Here at Chicken Town we love fried chicken, but we do it a little bit differently, and a lot better. We use happy herb-fed chickens which we gently steam before flash-frying in rapeseed oil, for a delicious, healthier treat. We use fresh seasonal produce for an ever-changing, adventurous menu. You can sit down at Chicken Town, take your time and have a beer with your meal. On top of all this good stuff, we are a social enterprise looking to improve things for young people in our area.

That’s why we’re here – to do it differently, to do the good stuff without the unhealthy downsides and to share it with everyone.

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Chicken Town does a delicious chicken dinner, but there’s more to it than that, lots more. We’re non-profit, so when you come and eat with us we use the profits from your dinner to offer our Junior Special to under 18s in the daytime for just £2. Kids love fried chicken and for lots of them it’s a daily ritual. The standard stuff is deep fried battery chicken, packed with saturated fats, salt and lacking nutritional value.

Our £2 Junior Special box is designed with top chefs and is tested by food scientists and nutritionists to ensure it’s within strict guidelines on RDAs of salt, sugar and fat. It contains our brilliant trademark steamed and flash-fried chicken, and sides like baked sweet potato wedges, fresh coleslaw and a side salad. For us, tackling obesity isn’t about taking choice away. It’s about improving what’s on offer and making it affordable and delicious!


The Old Fire Station
Town Hall Approach Rd
London, N15 4RX
Tube – Seven Sisters


Tuesday – Thursday 3.30 – 10pm
Friday – Saturday 12 – 10.30pm

020 8885 0190

Chicken Town

About Chicken Town Restaurant North London Tottenham

Because our patch of London has some of the highest childhood obesity levels in London. There’s a real problem on our doorstep, and we want to help change things for the better.

Health, diet, choice
There are 34 fast food places within a mile of Chicken Town. Kids eat fast food on the way home from school or at lunchtime because there’s not much choice, it’s cheap, accessible and it’s often the only hot meal they’ll get. 1 in 4 kids in the local area are overweight or obese at reception age. By the time they’re 11, that number rises to 1 in 3. The effects of that diet are going to reach out into their young adulthood and we want to offer something a lot better.

Opportunities and work
We want to turn a dead-end job in a fast food joint into careers in London’s amazing food industry for young people from Tottenham. We train our staff to a world-class level, giving them great experience, access to qualifications in hospitality and catering and the support and inspiration they need to shine. Staff are well-paid and mentored so that they can go on and do brilliantly for themselves. Our restaurant partner programme means that when our staff are up to speed and looking for a fresh new challenge they can go on to work in some of the best restaurants in London.

We are often looking for new people to join our team, please get in touch if you are interested.

Current Vacancy: Head Chef

We are committed to sourcing the best produce locally, minimising food miles, wasteful packaging and our impact on the world around us.