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Chicken Town is a fast-food restaurant with a difference. We serve great-tasting fried chicken to eat in or take away. And we do a whole lot more too. 

As you’d expect from a high-street chicken shop, we offer a range of delicious fried meals. But we put in extra effort to make sure all our food is healthy, while still giving you that unmistakable fried-chicken hit we know you enjoy.

But we don’t stop there. We think that sometimes fast food doesn’t need to be so fast. So we like to think of ourselves as a relaxed, date- and family-friendly restaurant. If you want to linger over your meal, we have a beautiful dining room where you can make an afternoon or a night of it. And if you fancy a drink, we have a bar where you can savour Tottenham’s best locally brewed beers.

And there’s more – for less! We offer a Junior Special menu, designed to rival the taste and prices of other chicken shops in the area. On weekday afternoons, we sell our Junior Special chicken for as little as £2 a pop, using what we earn from the main menu to offer young people a healthy fried-chicken option at a price they can afford.

We’ve made Chicken Town into a venue too; so keep your eye out for our programme of music, film, art & craft and foodie events – often organised by and for local young people.

How and why does Chicken Town make this all happen? It’s because we’re a social enterprise: we serve up our affordable, healthy and tasty food not for a profit, but for the benefit of the local community.

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If you love fried chicken – and we know you do – you’ll love our Junior Special menu. Don’t listen to people who tell you healthy choices are always expensive and fried chicken is always bad for you. Come to Chicken Town between 3.30 and 6.30 pm, Tuesday to Thursdays, and 12.00 to 6.30 pm on Fridays and get Tottenham’s best fried chicken at these prices:

  •   For just £2 you can get our Junior Spesh: 2 chicken pieces and 2 sides (choose from fries, sweet potato wedges, onion rings, greens, lettuce, coleslaw, and our very own homemade baked beans).
  •  If you’re feeling a little more flush, for £2.50 try our Wing Deal: 3 chicken wings, plus fries and a can of soft drink.
  •  And if you’re really in the money, splash out on our Strip Burger: A chicken fillet burger and fries for just £3.50. 

All our Junior Special food is cooked in the same way as the chicken on our main menu. That means high-quality, free-range meat, steamed and flash-fried to make it juicy inside and crispy outside, but without the bad fats, high salt and high sugar that make a lot of fried chicken a nutritional no-no.

How do we make the Junior Special meals good value as well as good for you? You’ll see that our main menu is pricier than the Junior Special: we use the profits we earn on the main meals to make the Junior meals cheaper.


The Old Fire Station
Town Hall Approach Rd
London, N15 4RX
Tube – Seven Sisters


Tuesday – Thursday 3.30 – 10pm
Friday – Saturday 12 – 10.30pm

020 8885 0190

Chicken Town

About Chicken Town Restaurant North London Tottenham

Chicken Town is a not-for-profit, social-enterprise restaurant. We set it up to offer a healthy fast-food alternative in the Tottenham area, serving high quality food that is particularly affordable for young people it  while also providing work and training opportunities for the local community.  

Making healthy fried chicken available

There’s a reason fried chicken is so popular: it’s tasty and satisfying, and doesn’t break the bank. However, studies show that eaten in large quantities and too regularly, it can lead to high levels of obesity and ill health – particularly in children and young people.

Chicken Town’s aim is to provide food that tastes good and is nutritious and healthy. The secret to our fried chicken is in the way we choose and cook our meat. All our birds are herb-fed, free-range chickens from Swaledale in the Yorkshire Dales – we think they taste much better than battery-farmed animals. To create the succulent chicken morsels with a crisp coating that everyone loves, we gently steam the meat before marinating it in buttermilk, covering it in a Panko crumb, and flash-frying it in rapeseed oil.

The reason this great food doesn’t hurt your pocket is because of the way we run our business. Chicken Town is a social enterprise, which means that we use what we earn to keep our prices down and benefit our local community. 

Tasty, healthy chicken for young people in our area

It’s well known that fried chicken is cheap, easy and convenient to eat for lunch or on the way home from school. With healthier food usually pricier or simply not available, and with more than 30 chicken shops in our patch of London alone, it’s no surprise that young people choose fried chicken.

We offer young people a healthier alternative – at the same price and without sacrificing taste and satisfaction. We can do this because we use some of the profits we earn from our main menu to make the prices of our Junior Special meals match those at other chicken shops. For example, on weekday afternoons, we charge just £2 for 2 chicken pieces and 2 sides.

Opportunities and work

Apart from serving tasty, healthy food, Chicken Town also offers training and work experience to local people.

If you’re looking for a career in the hospitality industry, we’ll train and mentor you, and provide you with all the experience and advice you’ll need to become a catering professional. While you’re working with us, we’ll pay you well – at least at London living wage – and help you gain the right qualifications. We also run a restaurant partner programme, which means that, when you’re ready to move on from Chicken Town and find new challenges, you’ll have access to positions in some of the best restaurants in London.

We are often looking for new people to join our team. Please email if you are interested.

Looking after the environment

At Chicken Town we believe we can offer healthy, delicious food at the same time as limiting our environmental impact, and that means taking care of our local surroundings as well as the wider global environment. We do this by buying the best produce we can find as locally as we can, aiming to minimise waste and food miles, and avoid excess packaging.

The intensively farmed meat used in many fast foods is a massive draw on the planet’s already scarce resources, so we make sure all our chicken comes from high-welfare, free-range animals. We try to respect the birds we eat as well as the people we serve our food to. So we’re always happy to discuss both animal welfare and healthy eating.